Social Media Marketing


We make people talk about you in first person. We reach innumerable users through social networking and render your business a part of their everyday life.

We turn your business name into a motto, we open new windows of communication and create bridges that connect you with thousands of people that may be hearing your business name for the first time. We increase the number of people that feel comfortable with the product or service that you offer.

People have seen huge amounts of tv ads and have heard so many more on the radio. Today, what they need is a personal contact, an opinion from people that are truly interested in covering their needs.


That’s us. A team that consists of the best, each one in his field, who are paying attention to you 24 hours a day.

The proper time to promote a product or service is defined by the particular characteristics of the audience to which it is addressed to.

Just like television places advertisements in proportion to the time and the genre of a show, the same way NetValue is approaching every internet community at the moment we estimate your target group is there and in the right mood, so that it can interact in the way you suggest, in order to cover its needs.


The exceptional scientific training of our associates in matters regarding neuromarketing, allows us to specifically know when and what is it that your audience wants to hear, (of course, after the research has been completed) in relation to the service or product that you have to offer.

And NetValue offers all this at prices that you will not expect, in contradiction to the massive amounts that you have to spend in other means. You can observe the process from your office or home without worrying about anything, except how to assist your customers who will be consecutively increasing.